Let Your Inner Beauty Shine Through Angel Jewelry

November 21, 2017 1 Comment

True inner beauty is something that seems to be lacking in the world today. With so much focus on outward appearances and the trappings of success, the loving, soulful qualities that comprise inner beauty are often not recognized.

Inner beauty reflects a higher ideal

Children generally present an inner beauty to the world due to their innocence and innate curiosity. Nurtured by love and acceptance, such children are happy and tend to be concerned about their friends and family members, returning the love they receive freely and openly. It is said that these children are still close to the angels because of their open spirits.

As we grow older and the weight of every-day concerns separates us from the freedom of our child-like unworldliness, the ability to hold on to our inner beauty slips and, in many cases, goes dormant. Without a connection to a higher power, our spiritual light dims and no longer reflects the beauty with which we shone as children.

Reconnecting with our inner beauty

Everything we think and do comes down to a simple principle – making a choice. People who have maintained a connection to the positive qualities of life tend to make decisions based on the overall effect they will have for the good of the greater community. On the other hand, many people who are more concerned with personal success and gratification make choices that will positively impact their lives.

Some simple guidelines can help you develop the ability to make better choices and rekindle your inner light.

  • Be happy with yourself – this is not always an easy thing to do since many people are always waiting for the big break, the better job, the perfect mate or some other elusive goal.
  • Accept those around you – work with people, not against them, whether it is in your personal or professional life. Look for their positive qualities and don’t focus on the negative.
  • Reach out to others – willingly and freely lend a helping hand to those in need, starting with family and friends and spreading out to others in the community.
  • Acknowledge your gratitude – one aspect of exhibiting inner beauty is understanding that while it seems to come from within ourselves,it is a reaction to and reflection of the goodness and fullness we have received. Feeling grateful actually affects brain chemistry making social interaction more enjoyable, boosting our good feelings and connecting the emotional and thinking centers of our brains. Give thanks for the positive privately and publicly and feel better.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated – this is an important reflective exercise as well – look at how you behave and see how you would feel if this is how others act towards you.
  • Practice forgiveness – holding grudges and harboring negative thoughts is the same as storm clouds covering the sun. Let go of past hurts because even if someone else is responsible, only you can deal with the feelings and emotions that resulted from the situation.
  • Live in the present – this goes hand in hand with letting go of the past that can’t be changed. Be aware of your opportunities for happiness and helpfulness every day and strive to make each day better for yourself and someone else than the day before.

Angel wings jewelry

For inspirational jewelry, Linda’s Stars offers a wide variety of angels’ wings, guardian angels and sayings that reflect the peace and tranquility that are hallmarks of those reflecting their inner beauty. Support yourself with these stunning reminders of the grace of the world around you.

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